Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Hello and welcome, gentle readers.

I am your host, Contemptus. C, for short, and Jay if you want to get technical. I'd be a night owl if I didn't like sleep so much -- and by that I mean I stay awake until ungodly hours and sleep for as long as they let me. Funny, that.

I've been really into BBC's Merlin recently -- I mean, the fourth season started off so strong, how could I not love it, with its hilariously awesome anachronisms and decent acting? But lo and behold, in the last few weeks the shiny is really starting to wear off. I won't lie and tell you, gentle readers, that I'm planning on boycotting the series. I like Colin Morgan's face and Bradley James' adorkable smile too much for that. But I will say that I'm sort of disappointed. I  mean, the boys started off so strong, what with the "friend" tag flying around, and the Arthur growing into the Once and Future King, but it's just taken such a turn what with Lancelot and Gwen's banishment/drama. Merlin's playing a bit-part in his own destiny, and it's leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

And then, of course, there's Supernatural. Don't even get me started. I'm playing an odd game, though-- I'm still catching up, because I'm rather late to the party -- trying to balance watching all of season four as quickly as possible along with season seven as it airs, and devouring as many spoilers in-between as possible. Have to say, though, season seven, your lack of batshit!Sammy is really dragging me down. Maybe that's just my love for Mark Pellegrino shining through. Sympathy for the Devil indeed, Mr. P!

What else, what else? Oh! I know. Books; I have a love-affair with books. Currently, I'm gnawing my way through Bag of Bones, by Stephen King, and a Canadian-published Sex & Samosas, written by Jasmine Aziz. Who, for the record, is hilarious and quite kind, I found, when I went to one of her book-signings. She used to sell vibrators, don'tchaknow? From what I've read, her book is just as snort-out-loud-grin-like-a-loon funny as the author herself!

Annnnd, finally, I'm working on a pair of books. Both very different. One is a slice-of-life romance with FtM transsexual love interest. It's shaping up to be interesting, if only because the narrator and main-character is such a dork it's hilarious. He's got a serious case of hero-worship for his soon-to-be love interest. I call the Story "Clockwork Boy" or CB, for future reference.

The second is a grubby sort of fantasy, with a dash of assassination and politics thrown in for spice. The plot is typical: the knight in shining armour saves the princess from her Evil Regent Uncle. Except the knight in this case is a girl, and the princess is a blunt, blind woman of 20, built like a brick (I do love my alliteration). And the Evil Uncle Regent is a decent guy, he just really wants to rule, and instead of having his niece killed, he has her kidnapped in the night and flung from the kingdom. And that's when things start to get interesting, gentle readers.

This is getting long. I should wrap this up.

It's been fun, gentle readers, but the asylum's doors are closing. Best get out while you still can. But don't worry, I'll be here when you get back.


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